A Trip to The Hair Salon

A trip to the hair salon can be a social outing and not just a trip to get something done to your hair. Most of the women you talk to say they started going to the hair salon when they were very little girls. They went with their mothers, sisters, and aunts, to have their hair styled and to bond with the women in their life. A trip to the hair salon for a little girl is a lot like a man taking his son to the hunting club.

A hair salon will usually have one or more people in it that are styling hair for the customers. Most salons have several chairs placed at stations for the customer to sit in. In front of the chair will be large mirrors on the wall so the customer can see what the stylist is doing to their hair. A salon owner will sometimes rent chairs to other stylists. The stylist will pay the owner a percentage of the money they make for the privilege of using one of the chairs in the establishment, and the other equipment in the shop.

Each station will be decorated slightly by the stylist that works the area. There will typically be pictures of their families, or maybe of their pets hanging around the edges of the mirror. The stylist will encourage the client in the chair to talk about things that interest them while they work on their hair. The talk will generally be kept fairly light and some of the other patrons may even be included on the conversation.

All salons have an area set up so that they can wash the hair of the clients. There will be a basin that has an opening designed for the neck of the client to fit in so that they do not have to hold their heads at odd angles while getting their hair washed. There are sometimes employees that do nothing but wash the hair or rinse chemicals from the hair. The stylist pays the wash person a small portion of what they make for washing their clients hair for them. The wash person usually sweeps up the shop floor and keeps the towels washed and dried for the stylists.

There will more than likely be a person in the salon that does manicures. Some of the salons today also have the set-up for pedicures, but almost all of them will be able to get your nails done while you are there. This works out great when the person is waiting for the time to elapse while they have a solution on their head they can get their nails painted.

The temperature in these establishments usually seems to be quite cool when you first arrive. There are so many hair dryers, and devices that emit heat in these places that the owners keep the temperature set pretty cool to compensate for the extra heat. Once you have been in the building a few minutes you will not feel quite as chilled. Équipements spa massage

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