Benefits of a Tiled Conservatory Roof

A conservatory is the ideal space for a variety of different activities, from relaxing in the sunshine to dining or working in comfort. However, it can be difficult to regulate the temperature and make it feel like a genuine extension of your home. A new tiled conservatory roof can help to solve this problem and will allow you to use the room all year round.

A solid tiled conservatory roof is easy to install, as it can be fitted over an existing polycarbonate or glass conservatory. However, it’s important to have the conservatory inspected before you start any work. A reputable installer should be able to assess the structure and provide you with a quote.

The installation of a tiled conservatory roof usually begins by removing any old roof coverings and fitting a water proof membrane beneath the tiles. This can then be covered with a layer of plasterboard which is nailed directly to the rafters or timber battens that run along each side of the conservatory. The boarding is also skim coated to give it a smooth finish and to make it ready for decoration.

One of the main benefits of a new conservatory roof is that it will be much more energy efficient. This is because a tiled conservatory roof is engineered to retain heat better than a polycarbonate or glazed roof. This will allow you to stay warm during the winter months and reduce your reliance on artificial heating.

Another benefit is that a solid tiled conservatory roof can be fitted with Velux windows, which allows natural light to flood into the conservatory. This will help to create a bright and airy space that can be used all year round.

Tiled conservatory roofs look very attractive and can be installed in a variety of colours. This means you can choose a colour that perfectly matches your existing home décor or opt for something more contrasting to add an eye-catching feature to the room.

A new roof will also be waterproof, meaning it’s protected against heavy rain, allowing you to use the conservatory whatever the weather. In addition, a solid tiled roof will provide protection against the sun’s harsh rays.

Finally, a tiled conservatory roof will make the room feel more like part of your home and will help it blend in with the rest of your property. This can add a lot of value to your property, especially if you’re planning on selling it in the future. tiled conservatory roof

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