Looking To Update Your Conservatory? Make Sure You Choose Some Good Quality Blinds

If you have a conservatory do you use it like a storage room rather than seeing it as an extra living space? With more of us wanting extra space to live in we are reluctant to move because of the cost involved. The answer could be staring you in the face. Clear out the conservatory or garden room and start using it for the purpose it was built, to give you extra space.

Once it has been decorated and some nice furniture moved in, it’s time to start thinking about window dressings and a conservatory screams out for blinds, but where to begin? Here are a few points to consider when thinking about purchasing conservatory blinds.

Type of blind – The most popular conservatory blind is called pleated. This means that they have a concertina effect. They are fitted into the rebate of the window and when totally retracted they are hardly visible and this lets a lot of light into the conservatory. This type of blind is considered the best type for conservatories as they can be made to fit into unusual shaped roof panels.

Pinoleum – This blind is made of a fine woven wood and gives a very classic look to most conservatories. When closed they provide shade yet still lets the light filter through.

Metal Venetian – These are now available for use in conservatory windows. They can be fitted into each individual window and if you choose to use pleated blinds in the roof they will complement each other perfectly.

Colour – Choose a colour that you will be happy to live with for a long time as they are costly to replace if you decide you don’t like them. Maybe a more neutral colour that will compliment any future change of flooring or furniture will be a more money saving choice. You may of course feel that a more vibrant colour is more in keeping with a nice sunny conservatory.

Roof blinds – When choosing conservatory blinds don’t forget to pay particular attention to choosing the correct blinds for the roof. Because a conservatory roof is all glass, the angle of the roof can lead to a build up of heat and make it unbearable to use. Choosing proper conservatory roof blinds can help combat this problem, but it is very important that you make sure they are specifically made for this purpose and not just window blinds that have been adapted. If the wrong blinds are chosen you may find that over a length of time they will start to sag and will not be effective in keeping your conservatory cool in the summer and warm in the winter, they will also look unsightly.

Remember that you are more likely to use and enjoy your conservatory if you feel comfortable and relaxed when using it. This is down to how it is decorated and a big part of this is the blinds you have chosen. You have invested in a conservatory so investing money in the correct blinds at the beginning will give you peace of mind and leave you able to enjoy your conservatory for many years to come. conservatory roof insulation panels

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