Choosing the Best Sleeping Bag For Your Kid

Are you planning a family camping vacation and have kids that will be going on the expedition? If you answered yes to this question, then you may want to invest in kids sleeping bags for your young ones so that they are warm and comfortable.

Because of the simplicity of the design, kids sleeping bags are easier to manufacture and create than adult sleeping bags. Generally, kids are unlikely to be out camping in climates that are of extreme temperatures. As a parent, if you are allowing your kids to travel with for camping in extreme climates, this is rather irresponsible on your part. Kids’ sleeping bags are generally manufactured inexpensively by the use of synthetic materials. Another reason that synthetic fibers are used in place of down is because synthetic does not require much maintenance and will still provide some insulation when wet. This is a good option in case it rains or something gets spilled on the  bag. When people do purchase kids bags that are made of high quality materials, they are wise to purchase a  bag that will at least last a few years before the kids outgrow them.

The weight of the kids sleeping bag is an important factor to consider before purchasing. Either you or your kids will have to carry their camping gear and you want to make sure that this is not going to be an concern.

Most kids sleep warmer than adults; this is due to the fact that kids have a higher metabolic rate. So, even when they lose heat fast because of their smaller bodies, they produce heat even faster. For this reason, it is no surprise that kids bags that are cheap are more popular than expensive  bags.

Most of the kids sleeping bags that are on the market today, have a non-rectangular shape which includes a hood, draft tube, and draft collar. In really cold weather, the hood is critical as you lose a large amount of heat through your head.

The North Face Tigger kids sleeping bag can be used in temperatures as low as 20 degrees and is made of synthetic fill. This is one of the most popular  bags for children as there are no cords to adjust the hood or chest segments. No cords mean that there is absolutely no way for a child to get tangled up in sleep.

No need to worry about if your kid will be warm or not, these sleeping bags come with draft tubes that stop the heat from escaping the kids sleeping bag through the zippers. Additionally, draft collars enhance the sleeping bags insulation properties even further by preventing the heat from radiating the shoulders and out of the sleeping bag. As you can envision there are several factors that have been well thought-out in the manufacturing.. allstate customer service

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